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Tips On Starting Your Art Collection With Marjorie Hodges, Co-founder of Artsuite

Tips On Starting Your Art Collection With Marjorie Hodges, Co-founder of Artsuite

Artsuite connecting artists, collectors and community.

Artsuite is an online platform and art marketplace that’s all about creating connections.  By organizing virtual exhibitions and unexpected collaborations, activating non-traditional spaces, offering art advising services and sharing the stories of artists and collectors from around the world, the Artsuite team helps connect you with art that moves you and artists that will inspire you. Founders Marjorie Hodges and Allen Thomas believe that living with art is one of life’s great pleasures, if you are thinking about beginning a contemporary art collection, here are several important tips.

Marjorie Hodges, Co-founder of Artsuite


Visit museums, galleries, artist studios, art fairs and attend art programs whenever you can. You’ll be rewarded with creative stimulation and valuable interactions artists and fellow art enthusiasts. Be sure to look carefully at everything, even art that you believe is not your style. Through this process, you will begin to better understand your own tastes and preferences and the various media of art.  Over time, you will begin to recognize artistic excellence and develop discernment skills.

North Carolina has many important museums and universities across the state, as well as a robust artist community. If possible, become a member or attend free programs and sign up for curator tours to learn more. Listed below are some of the top museums in North Carolina.  

North Carolina Museum of Art, The Nasher Museum of Art, Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture, CAM Raleigh, the Mint Museum, the Gregg Museum of Art and Design, Cameron Art Museum, GreenHill Center for North Carolina Art, Ackland Art Museum, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center, Asheville Art Museum, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, Greenville Museum of Art, 


Before you begin acquiring art, take some time to do your research.  Explore the styles of art that appeal to you and learn more about the various arts media—painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, video and more. Spend time on gallery and artist websites and follow your favorite artists on Instagram. Follow art platforms, some of my favorites are @Artsy, @Artistaday @Artnet @Artsuite @Artnewspaper.official @hyperallergic @blackartinamerica @investinherart. There are many other platforms and online resources, as well as a recent book about the art of North Carolina—The Art of the State by Liza Roberts


Building relationships with people you trust in the art community is tremendously helpful in navigating the many art purchase options.  These individuals can support your art collecting journey by providing access and important information about an artist’s trajectory, creative process and more. If you are interested in collecting museum-quality works for investment, this is especially important.  When artists are on the rise, with significant upcoming museum exhibitions, it can become difficult to acquire works because of increased demand. There are many qualified gallerists, curators, and advisors across the state of North Carolina. Many are colleagues and friends and would be eager to assist.  Artists are inspiring.  Getting to know artists in your community is a great way to engage and learn more about art. 


When building a collection, it is wise to take your time.  Begin acquiring art after you have done your research and have identified artists and styles that you connect with.  With a focus on quality over quantity. secure anchor works of art for your collection or your home.  Remember there is no need to fill every wall.  Sometimes one dramatic or thought-provoking work of art in a room can have a tremendous impact. Slowly build a collection over time.  Explore both beautiful works of art by skilled artists, as well as more complex conceptual works.

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This is the most important tip. Acquire works of art that you love and works that you connect with in a special way. If you are buying art for your home, it is important for the artwork to inspire you. Although art can be a wise investment, there are no guarantees that any work of art will increase in value, no matter how famous the artist. The value of art is not just in its beauty, but also in its ability to challenge our schemas and preconceptions. Art evokes feelings and has the power to move individuals to social action, influence, entertain and educate.  Contemporary art is the art of today and effectively addresses the issues of our time. Thanks to the many artists who are inspiring us.

Best wishes on your collecting journey! 

All my best, Marjorie


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