Content Submission

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.” — Martin Luther KingJr.

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Content Submission Guidelines

Substantial accepts original-content submissions from high-level content writers and subject matter experts regarding a wide array of topics. 

Some things to consider when submitting Substantial content. 

Decide on an article topic and length. A submitted article should be on a relevant or relatable issue/trend or thought-leadership focused and not company or product promotional. 

It should have a news hook; provide a good level of technical or how-to context, and/or mention an affluent or influential member of the Black community. Article length can be about 500 to a 1000 words, with at least two high-res images.

Confirm article topic and length with our editor-in-chief by emailing It may be good to do this before writing or submission to ensure the topic aligns with our brand vision/mission. 

Once confirmed with the editor as appropriate content, write the article and submit your content via the form below. Articles will be published usually in a few days to our website. Please note some articles may be considered for our quarterly publication. If this is the case you will be contacted by our editorial team. 

Submissions must include original text and image files. Please note by submitting to Substantial you certify that all works are your original works that you hold legal copyrights for and furthermore certify that the images and content provided to this site can be used for fair use purposes. Please note your submission serves as acknowledgment that Substantial will not be held liable for any violations of copyright laws and/or trademark infringement. 


  • Headline,
  • Summary: a one- or two-sentence explanation of the article contents to entice reader to read,
  • Body, with subheads if 1000 words,
  • Include organization/company URL and your LinkedIn account for linking to additional information/content,
  • One- or two-sentence bio on author(s) of article,
  • Images with captions, in order that they should appear in article, preceded by the filename of the corresponding electronic image,
  • Optional supporting audio/video files. (Please submit via email if requested only) 
  • Electronic images: the bigger the better, high resolution helps with quality. 
    • At least 16:9 ratio. Sizes can include: 1152x648px, 1280x780px, 1366x768px, 1600x900px, 1920x1080px, 2560x1440px, or larger 
    • JPEG and PNG preferred. 
  • Please note our editors reserve the right to provide feedback and editorial suggestions to your articles. Any feedback will be emailed prior to publishing. 

Submit your ideas with the form link below.