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Substantial Summer Issue 2023: Our Black Art and Culture is Substantial

Substantial Summer Issue 2023: Our Black Art and Culture is Substantial

The Summer issue in collaboration with The North Carolina Museum of Art is a glimpse into Black Art and culture in NC.

Art has always been a powerful medium for self-expression, cultural preservation, and societal transformation. Throughout history, it has served as a mirror reflecting the diverse experiences and perspectives of different communities. In this letter, I want to emphasize the crucial importance of recognizing and celebrating Black art and Black artists, particularly in the context of North Carolina. North Carolina has a rich cultural heritage, deeply influenced by the African American community that has played an integral role in shaping the state’s history and identity. From the vibrant music of jazz and blues to the captivating literature and poetry, Black artists have made indelible contributions to the artistic landscape of North Carolina. Their creativity and artistic endeavors have not only enriched the cultural fabric of the state but have also provided a platform for telling powerful stories, challenging stereotypes, and fostering dialogue about race, identity, and social justice.

In developing this issue alongside the North Carolina Museum of Art I have witnessed firsthand the talent and artistic brilliance of Black artists, and while recognition and representation have not always been proportionate to their contributions their work is nothing less than Substantial. We must amplify the voices of Black artists and advocate for their rightful place in North Carolina’s cultural narrative.

This issue is dedicated to showcasing and promoting Black artists in North Carolina. Through our platforms, we will continue to feature their work, amplify their voices, and provide a space for dialogue and appreciation. 

We encourage our readers to actively seek out and support black artists, attend their exhibitions, purchase their artwork, and engage in thoughtful discussions about their contributions. This is only a glimpse into what was, what is and all that will be. 

A Substantial THANK YOU to all our featured artists and to the number of Black creatives that helped us bring this issue to life. Together with the help of the North Carolina Museum of Art, our talented pool of freelance writers, photographers, videographers and creatives, we truly hope we’ve created something special. 

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There is an enormous amount of talent here in North Carolina and we know we barely scratched the surface.

We are Substantial and so is our Art, Culture and Community! 

Greg Hedgepeth
President & CEO 
Substantial Media LLC 


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