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Leandro V. State of NC

Leandro V. State of NC

Leandro vs State of NC

Equal education for all. You’ve more than likely heard about the case Leandro V. State of NC, however there’s new light being shined on this lawsuit give how it could impact funding to every school in the state. WRAL has created a documentary “Leandro: The case for sound basic education. Click here to view and learn more.

Brief Background

The case of Leandro V. State of NC affirms every child’s state constitutional right to a sound, basic education beginning in early childhood. More than 25 years ago five school districts in low-wealth counties (Hoke, Halifax, Robeson, Vance and Cumberland) along with families filed a lawsuit against the state (Leandro v. State of North Carolina). The lawsuit argued that their school districts did not have enough money to provide an equal education for their children.

In November of 2021 Wake County Superior Court Judge David Lee ordered North Carolina to put an additional $1.7 billion into public education over the next two years. The money would go into a fund to make sure students in North Carolina are getting that sound basic education that is a state constitutional right.

Now what…?

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It’s in the hands of the North Carolina General Assembly who sets the budget. Since that initial order the North Carolina Court of Appeals has blocked the transfer of about $1.7 billion saying it was not within Judge Lee’s power to order money be appropriated. Let’s just say more legal fillings, twist and turns await this long-running Leandro case.

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